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Our algorithmic trading platform helps advertisers reach KPI goals, we add IQ and AI to any campaign


We are connected to thousands of apps WW , thus allowing our partners to reach and allocate premium inventory


we have created a customized bidder that is easy and accessible


Programmatic Technology

Through real-time optimization and user profiling, FIFTY1 leverages unrefined user data and aggregates it into actionable audience profiles based on key behavior,

location, and content trends.

The data above is obtained by us through both our ongoing media acquisition activities, as well as through studying the advertiser’s historical data.

We zoom in on the most relevant, highly actionable users and build profiles based on them.​

These profiles, when coupled with multiple layers of mobile-specific data, and with the scale and reach of programmatic media buying, allow us to hit your KPI’s on every single ad campaign, eliminate wastage and improve our predictive abilities towards your next campaign with us.


We bring a combination of scientific, machine learning based approaches with years of experience in running ROI positive campaigns in order to meet our clients’ KPI’s and ensure they’re getting the Results they’re looking for.


Machine Learning  

Fully Automated Media Buying

Since we believe machine learning and mathematics cannot compete with the human brain’s ability to deduce and induce, we pair the mathematical, machine driven conclusions with a neural network algorithm, aimed to mimic the human brain’s decision making mechanisms, The algorithm recognizes unique and complex patterns out of large volumes of data, and compiles actionable user audiences based on this.

Two Years In The Making -

It Was Worth IT

Imagine we told you there was a magical system that plugs in directly to all of the major traffic sources in the mobile world, evaluates over 100,000 ad opportunities every single second and that can make millions of complex algorithmic calculations within less than 10 milliseconds a second; all aimed at making sure you’re bidding on the right impression, at the right time, with the right offer, and for the right price.

Well, this system exists, Meet FIFTY1.

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